Water olive tree and sun !! This is Greece !! Good morning #greece #summer #photooftheday #picoftheday by vangelispaterakis http://instagr.am/p/LUa7SGrXiL/

Water olive tree and sun !! This is Greece !! Good morning #greece #summer #photooftheday #picoftheday by vangelispaterakis http://instagr.am/p/LUa7SGrXiL/

Laura Prudom: 'Once Upon a Time' Recap: Can True Love Conquer A Murder Charge?

I love the way they continue to save each other; it truly seems like an equal partnership, which is my favorite kind of TV romance, and one that’s far more pure and admirable than what Mary Margaret and David currently have in Storybrooke.
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Michael Giltz: DVDs: Monty Python's Cinematic Peak Out Now On BluRay


MONTY PYTHON AND THE HOLY GRAIL ($19.99 BluRay; Sony) — This is Monty Python at its absolute peak. Their show just ended its 5 year run on the BBC and now their first movie with all original material was opening in theaters. Quite simply, it’s one of the funniest comedies of all time and signal moment in the career of one of the most influential groups of comics in history, ranking alongside fellow Brits the Beyond The Fringe fellows, Canada’s SCTV and Saturday Night Live. It looks surprisingly good on BluRay for such a low-budget, throw anything against the wall and see if it sticks movie. New extras (like some bonus footage and bloopers as well as animated bits, sit alongside extras from earlier editions. It’s a complete pain in the neck to access the app with a making-of story and tons of bonus material (you have to pay for it and then get a rebate), but this physical copy is loaded as is. The movie? Brilliantly silly, stupidly clever as always. I jumped randomly to one scene to check picture quality. King Arthur is asking peasants who lives in the castle nearby and the levels of humor are breathtaking. He calls an old man “old woman.” The peasant reacts angrily and then later says, “Im 35,” also taking offense at being called old. Arthur tries to steer the conversation where he wants, but they’re puzzled by his claim of being King of the Brits. Who named him king? He launches into a speech about the Lady of the Lake who handed him Excalibur and the peasant rudely interrupts with a discussion of feudal systems and his preference for a vaguely socialistic set-up. Arthur tries again, and finally in anger demands the peasant stop talking, who then explodes in mock anger, exclaiming “I’m being oppressed!” All throughout this, the peasants are mindlessly kneeling on the ground, slapping mud into little piles. If the peasant were so clever, it wouldn’t be funny. But in amongst all the other levels of humor, the peasant is really rather annoying, much like a college student who is spouting off with his newly discovered knowledge about power structures as if he’s the first in the world to discover it. Python, Monty both celebrate erudition but also mock their cerebral ways. Of course, much of the film involves farts and flying cows and maidens who like to be spanked and knights who say “Neee!” How I love it.


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Jon Stewart Mocks CNN's Virtual Convention, Super Tuesday Coverage (VIDEO)

Super Tuesday didn’t quite turn out the way Jon Stewart hoped.

Americans were promised a decisive day of voting, one that would bring an end to “this never-ending gobstopper” of a primary season, but they were left with more of the same. Mitt Romney may have technically won Ohio, but not enough to inspire his competitors to withdraw or to encourage the media to call the game for him.

Stewart put a fine point on the situation: “It is like the Republican nominee for president is being selected at this point by erosion.”

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Oops, Interest-Free Loans Are Taxable

Suppose your employer loans you money, and like a good employee, you repay it. Neither event is taxable. But paying interest has tax effects to you both. What if you agree there’s no interest?

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Richard (RJ) Eskow: Edward DeMarco: The Ideologue Who's Holding Homeowers - And The Economy - Hostage

Close your eyes and imagine:

The year is 2027. President Peace N. Love lost his re-election bid three years ago,after the disaster created by his military and intelligence cuts turned millions of Americans into homeless refugees.

His successor quickly appointed General Cathy Common-Sense (USMC, Ret.) to be Secretary of Defense. but Congress is controlled by President Love’s party and refused to confirm her. So President Love’s appointee, Sunshine Harmony Rainbow III, is still in charge at the Pentagon.

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